Thursday, March 3, 2011


THE jungle is a home the vary of animals where they were  inhabited and live in it,Sumatran orang Utan kind of endangered animal species ,and also other  kind of sumatran tiger,sumatran elephan they are also in afew number of elephant left in the jungle ,the wild elepahnt you still can find in some region of national park in Indonesia like in Aceh,Palembang, Riau (Pakan Baru ) and Lampung in north of Sumatera you can find them in Tangkahan ,Part of Gunung Leuser National Park.

Elephanus Sumatranses are exist in asmall number in the jungle ,becouse the big amount loosing of their home so there is nomore space to live/surfive for this type of Aniaml ,and a very litle chance for them to regenerate becouse the unright of places for them to having of sex becouse of the busy of people in their teryterioal where they real need special spaces that untouch buy /visted of human being.

Monkey is an other species of ape which exist in the big number in living troop,now days kind of this animal also commonly seen in the public,becuse they have being out from their teritorial cause unspcaceable them to live in the jungle because of the reducing big number of  jungle loosing everyday.

A turtle community of Nount Leuser National Park ,They are also live in some number kind of species ,still can fond in few number of  this amphibian.

Zallacca Salak,kind of this plant are gowing  spray in all part of Mount Leuser National Park.

Phylo dendron -sp (Cladiola) is anumber of dominan plant whic grow in moist area

A very dense of jungle thousand plant of spacies ( Mount Leuser National Park )


Trekking one day
35 eu/p
Trekking two days one night
70 eu/p
Trekking three days two nights
105 eu/p

Trekking five days to Kuta Cane
Extra 10 eu for rafting activities
The Group Will be 3 person minimum
250 eu/p
Included: food,drink,tent

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call : 082366120236

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